Our climbing taster sessions offer the best value ‘get started’ option for people keen to give climbing and bouldering a try.

Taster Sessions

Open Taster Sessions offer the best value ‘get started’ option for people keen to give climbing and bouldering a try. They are 60-minute group sessions with up to 6 participants and are suitable for adults and teenagers aged 14+. They are ideal for individuals, couples and friends who like to meet new people.

Private Taster Sessions

Private Tasters are the same as above but you benefit from your own private instructor for 60 mins. They are perfect for those who want to give climbing a try at your own pace or, in a private group, and are suitable for both children and adults. 
Prices start at £45 for up to four participants, with a maximum price of £60 for 6 participants.

Taster Session


Ages 14+

Single or Group Bookings

60 Minutes

All equipment included


Private Taster Session

£45 for up to 4 people

£52.50 for 5 people

£60 for 6 people

Ages 6+

60 Minutes

All equipment included

TASTER SESSIONS : Frequently Asked Questions

Bouldering (without ropes) is one style and is seen as one of the purest forms of climbing due to the lack of protective equipment and hardware; it’s just you versus the rock! Within indoor Bouldering, there are additional precautions to reduce the risk such as having the wall height at a maximum 4.5m, in addition to this large safety matting is used throughout centres to protect falls as much as possible.

Rock Climbing (with ropes) has mainly two approaches, Sport and Traditional or ‘Trad’. Both use ropes and other hardware as protection only i.e. you don’t use the ‘gear’ to help you climb. Trad involves carefully placing and removing protective equipment as you climb, leaving no trace that you were ever there. Sport, on the other hand, uses permanent bolts drilled into the rock to provide protection should you fall. Using short slings and karabiners (called runners), you clip your rope to the bolts as you climb and remove the runners when you’ve finished. The bolts remain fixed in place for future climbers. Indoor Climbing still uses similar equipment but always include, a harness, belay device and rope.

The Auto Belays do have a weight limit, the maximum weight they can take is 150kg, 330lbs or 23.5 stone.

No. Our Intro Courses are perfect for both newcomers and those with previous climbing experience who want a more comprehensive refresher. If you have never climbed before, however, it may be beneficial to book a Taster Session first.

Depending on what type of session you are taking part in will determine how many climbs you get. With our Taster Sessions we will give you as many opportunities as possible to climb, our more instructional sessions will focus on safety and techniques alongside climbing. It all depends on how confident you feel too, our instructors won't force you to the top but gently encourage to where you are comfortable.

We have a mixture of climbs and challenges suitable for all ages. If you want to get to the top, we’re sure you will be able to. Our instructors will not push you or your children further than they want to go; ‘the top’ will come with confidence.

We have a maximum working ratio of 1 to 8, however, most courses operate on a maximum 1 to 6. We feel this offers increased value for money and time on the wall. Ultimately, instructors have the final say and will make changes if they feel necessary.