Because climbing is our core focus (and we get it), we understand how important ‘off the wall training’ is for injury prevention, specific training e.g. strength and power, and maintaining an overall ‘balance’ of mind and body.

Access to all training areas is included in the day pass entry price.

If you wish to use the SACA area and not the climbing area, you are still required to book on to a climbing session. 

Strength and Conditioning Area

Following the recent upgrades, Highball now boasts one of the best Strength And Conditioning Areas in the UK climbing scene. We’ve invested in some of the best equipment on the market to give you everything you need to achieve balance on and off the wall. 


Cardio Equipment
Assault Bike x 2
Concept 2 Rower x 2
Exercise Bike x 2
Demon Skipping Ropes

Free Weights
Free Weight Bench x 4
Kettle Bells (Pairs) 1 to 30kg
Dumbells (Pairs) 1 to 25kg
Roman Chair

Wolverson Olympic Lifting Bars
(Men’s x 2 (20kg) Women’s (15kg) Youth 10kg
Squat Rack 
Power Lifting Platform
Wolverson 200kg plate set x 2
Wolverson Fractional plates

Functional / Misc. Equipment
Wolverson Theraband - 2 x full sets
Foam rollers
Battle Ropes
Chin Up / Dip Station
Plyometric Boxes x 4


Climbing Specific Training Equipment

Within the climbing area, we have a collection of specific climbing training equipment for strong climbers who want to get stronger. We do not recommend beginners/rookies use this equipment until they have developed the necessary 'base strength' to do so safely. Injuries from overtraining or poor technique are a serious risk.

Beastmaker 1000 & 2000 - Get the Beastmaker App
Snap Board
40 degree woody board - Get the Stokt App
Campus Board (rungs, balls, and rolls)