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Our Ethos

Here at BetaCafe we believe in serving quality products that are supplied and made in line with our values. 

This includes doing our bit for people and the planet by reducing waste and making ethical choices where we can.

Our Cafe and the Planet


We phased out all plastic packaging from the items we sell during 2017/18.

We use compostable packaging (Vegware) for the food and drink we serve.

We recycle everything we can and have clearly labelled bins in the center, so you can help us recycle all paper, metal/cans, glass, plastic wrap, food waste and compostable packaging.

We are actively identifying and replacing unsustainable ingredients in our products, such as Palm Oil.

Fresh Ingredients; Local Suppliers

We use all local suppliers, where we can, to bring you the freshest ingredients. 

Our coffee beans come from Norwich’s Little Red Roaster where they are lovingly roasted and then hand-delivered to us. 

Everything we sell is freshly made by hand by our Highball kitchen crew.

Keeping It Inclusive

We aim to always have something for everyone. Whether you are gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan or lactose intolerant we will have something for you.