BMC YCS and centre closure

BMC YCS 2021
and centre closure.

What’s happening:

The BMC Youth Climbing Series has been running at various climbing centres around the UK, starting September 1st. It’s a fun climbing competition (roped and bouldering) for people between 8 and 17 years old. You can find out more about them here.

This year, we’re honoured to be hosting Round 3 of bouldering for the South East region on Saturday 23rd.

What that means for you:

If you’ve got any projects left on the comp or squad wall, it’s time to wrap them up! We’ll be stripping both walls on Wednesday 20th, and they’ll remain closed for the next 2 days for some serious routesetting.

Because of that, we’re reducing our capacity a little (from 120 down to 80) to make sure it doesn’t get over-crowded on Thursday and Friday. It might be worth booking up a little earlier to secure your spot!

Then, importantly, we’re closed entirely for the whole of Saturday 23rd.

We’re open as usual on Sunday, and the competition blocs will stay on the walls (which we’re sure won’t be at all humbling…). The following week, we’ll add a load of fun new climbs to the comp and squad walls for you lovely people to play on.