What’s Changing At Highball from 19 July?

The quick answer is, not much. Overall, things will continue as they have been with just a few small tweaks which are detailed below. 


Online Booking:

No (big) changes. Online booking will continue so we can monitor and manage capacity - see below - but we will increase the number of climbing sessions across the day and each session will be 3hrs (unless the session starts less than 3hrs from closing).

Venue Capacity:

Speaking to customers over the last month or so, there have been two clear messages: Some people are nervous at the idea of climbing in a busy climbing wall again; others have expressed how nice the climbing experience is with less people.

We hear you.

For reference, our ‘Covid Capacity’ has been set to 90 since last July so, over the next 4-6 weeks, we will slowly increase the capacity by a small percentage each week and keep it under close review. This will allow you (and us) time to adjust to the increasing numbers and it will also allow us to assess your climbing experience and the question of ‘how busy is busy enough’.

Our busiest period will always be between 7 pm and 9 pm (weekdays) where peak sessions crossover; some people will be arriving, others will be leaving. Therefore, if you’d prefer to climb in a less crowded environment, we’d recommend booking a climb outside of this period.

Face Coverings:

No change. Face coverings will be required when in the building unless:

+ You are ‘on the wall’
+ You are in the gym
+ You are eating and drinking

Other information

+ Hand wash sinks will remain in place on entry/exit​​​​​​​
+ Daily cleaning will continue to take place regularly throughout the day​​​​​​​
+ Screens will remain on reception/cafe​​​​​​​
+ The crew will continue to wear face coverings unless they are behind a screen or backstage/socially distanced.

Next Review: 31 August.

Our decision to carry on pretty much as we have been is based on 3 things:

1. Covid Cases are increasing rapidly
2. A large proportion of our primary demographic (18-30 year olds) are unlikely to have been ‘double jabbed’
3. Scientists/virologists recommend face coverings when indoors in crowded areas

We’ll continue to monitor the data and guidance and review the situation at the end of August.