Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have taken steps to ensure we keep our business, our people, and our community as safe as possible.  As of today, we are making a small but positive change to our coronavirus operation procedures, specifically the wearing of face coverings:

You must wear a face covering:

  • When ‘off the wall’
  • Standing / moving around the public areas of the building, including the safety mats.
  • At the reception/cafe and when talking to staff or your friends etc..

You may now remove your mask:

  • When actively climbing i.e you are ‘on the wall’
  • When in the gym and actively using equipment
  • When seated and actively eating / drinking

All other social distancing guidelines remain in place for the time being but we will look to make some further changes as we get closer to ‘Freedom Day’.


Looking forward to the so-called ‘Freedom Day’, we can’t say for certain - just yet - what parts of our operation may change. Taken at face value, the ‘removal of all social distancing restrictions’ indicates a return to a pre-Covid 19 normal but, for some businesses it may also mean adopting a ‘new normal'. There is also the possibility that some form of restrictions may continue, something both politicians have alluded to in recent interviews.

My team and I have spoken to many of you and there is understandably a nervousness about returning to climbing in a busy mask-free social indoor environment, even with the vaccination rollout. There is also a clear appreciation of ‘how nice it’s been’ climbing in a centre which is never too busy. 

For these reasons, one thing we have decided is that whenever freedom day does finally arrive, we won’t immediately throw the doors wide open. Instead, we will adopt a progressive plan to slowly increase capacity over a few weeks/months to allow everyone - crew included - the opportunity to get used to working, climbing, and socialising in a busier environment.